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Vestes Affiliate Program

VESTESAffiliate Program is free andenables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web sitewhich advertises VESTES or specific products on it. Any sales made tocustomers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.The standard commission rate is currently 5%.

Just clickor click "Affiliates" link in "Extras" (at thebottom of vestesofficial.com) and follow these easy steps to become Affiliate:

1- Click "Continue" under "New Affiliate" tocomplete a simple form

2- After completion of form, accept terms and conditions and click"Continue"

3- After review of your request, VESTES team will approve youraccount and will send you a confirmation through e-mail

4- Now "login" to your account

5- After login, click "Custom Affiliate Tracking Code" or"Affiliate Tracking" (available on right side of page)

6- You will see your Tracking Code here

7- Click "Tracking Link Generator" box and enter your desiredproduct name. A link will be generated below.

8- Copy and paste this Tracking Link in your website

9- The process has been completed successfully

10- You can generate as many links as you wish, paste it in your websiteand earn free commission 

11- Each click on the link which will leadto a successful sale, will yield a commission for you

12- To claim commission, just send us an emailat: sales@vestesofficial.com and you will be paid as per your desiredpayment** method

**You need minimum balance of Rs.1000 to get your payment